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Dentures 101

A type of restorative dentistry, dentures are a long-used, time-tested option for replacing multiple missing teeth in an arch. Complete dentures can replace an entire arch while partial dentures can be used if there are still some natural teeth present. Compared to some of the dentures of before, modern dentures look more natural and feel more comfortable. Our team takes great care designing your dentures so that you’re happy with their appearance and fit.

Depending on the kind of dentures you have, they either stay in place by creating a natural seal with your gums or by being attached to clasps on nearby teeth. Some people also use denture adhesives.

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Restorative Dentures FAQ

Are dentures permanent?

There is a difference between permanent dentures and temporary dentures. Temporary dentures are usually worn by patients who have had teeth removed until their permanent dentures are ready. That being said, dentures do have a lifespan. They generally last between five to 10 years since they can get worn down from use and your gums may change. Our team is happy to give you tips on how to make your dentures last as long as possible!backlinkboss.com

Do dentures stain?

Dentures can get stained or start to dull from regular use. The good news is that you can brighten them again by using a denture cleanser or by getting them polished by a dental professional. If you don’t want to denture stains in the first place, make sure you’re cleaning them properly every day. You can also rinse them after you eat a food or drink known to leave stains like coffee or tomato sauce.

Are dentures expensive?

Dentures are considered a more affordable option in terms of tooth-replacement treatments. How much yours cost depends on a number of factors, including how many teeth you’re missing and whether insurance factors in. At our Hickory Hills dental office we strive to provide affordable dentures, and we have in-house repayment plans and financing through CareCredit to ease any out-of-pocket costs involved with restoring your smile.

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