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Dental Implant Restorations 101

When it comes to dental implant restorations, the first thing to understand is that getting a dental implant is actually broken up into two stages: the placing of the implant post and getting the restoration. The dental implant itself is the post-like, artificial tooth root that goes into your gums and jawbone, while the restoration is the part that goes on top and looks like a natural tooth.

Depending on your needs, this dental implant restoration may be a crown (for those missing just one tooth) or it could be a bridge or dentures (for those missing multiple teeth). Regardless of which you need, you can count on us to work hand in hand with your oral surgeon to ensure a smooth, stress-free implant procedure.

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Implant Restorations FAQ

When would I need to restore my dental implant?

If you’re getting implant dentistry to replace missing teeth, you’ll need a restoration to complete the procedure. The restoration is what actually resembles the top of a tooth! For others who already have received a dental implant restoration before, you may need to replace it if it has been damaged due to heavy wear and tear, which can be caused by excessive nighttime grinding, or if there is another issue with its health or fit.

Are implant restorations expensive?

The cost of your implant restoration will vary depending on what type of restoration you’re getting like a dental crown vs. dentures. To get an accurate cost estimate, we invite you to come into our practice for a consultation so we can review your unique case.

Are dental implant restorations covered by insurance?

This depends on who your provider is and what kind of dental insurance plan you have. It’s possible that a portion of your dental implant restoration costs may be covered! To know for sure, please contact your insurance provider. If it so happens that you’re not covered, our Hickory Hills practice offers in-house repayment plans to help keep your care affordable.

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